"MAS CABRONAS QUE BONITAS" -Mujeres autodefensas, herederas de Adelitas.

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Let us not forget one of the most important things about the Universal Monsters era: The Creature From The Black Lagoon was created by a woman, Milicent Patrick.

Nearly unheard of at the time, ms Patrick is responsible for creating one of the single most recognizable characters, not only in Universal history but in all of film history. She was an incredible talent and she should be honored as such.

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Civil Rights Protest prep. Hair pulling and blowing smoke in her face to prepare her for the experience of sitting in restaurants that were not willing to serve people of color. 


This was not in the way way back past. My parents grew up through this.

This is why I laugh when people say that racism is over because slavery ended so long ago. NEWSFLASH, slavery ended on Dec. 18, 1865, only 148 years years ago… only 3 or 4 generations ago. My grandmother’s grandmother was a slave. Then when you add the Jim Crow era and the Civil Rights era, black people have only been “people” by law for 50 years.

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